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A new way to stay in touch with the US dry bean industry, access the latest news, the USDBC industry directory, trade events and much more. Start interacting with the community now! Just download to your smartphone!

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USDBC Directory App

The new way to stay connected with the Industry


Watch our introduction video

Discover some of the USDBC Directory App features with our introduction video. In under two minutes you will see and our app in action. The industry information you need on your phone.


US Dry Bean Council Information

Easily connect with the USA Dry Bean Industry through our Directory App. Know our roll within the industry, members and producers, international representatives and our staff. Everything about the US Dry Bean Council on your phone.

All About American Dry Beans

Everything you want to know about the American dry beans. Their varieties, where they are produced, their nutritional value and more. All in an intuitive interface and great presentation with easy access.

The USDBC Directory

You can find all American dry been producer with our app. Have all the industry contacts in your phone, locate them by name, state or by the dry bean variety you are looking for. Take advantege of our latest tool.

All you need on your Phone

USDBC Information

All you want to know about the American industry

US Dry Beans

Varieties, nutrition and more.


The latest American Dry Bean Directory.


Know about and participate in our latest events


The more relevant news about the US Dry Bean Industry


Conect with other industry members in an easy way


1st Turorial

Watch basic tutorial video

On this video you will learn how to navigate through the USDBC Directory app. On the Main Menu you will find the list of all the app sections, and you will know how to get in and out of each section, as well as ho to log out.

2nd Tutorial

Watch supplier’s directory tutorial

On this second video we will tell you how to use the supplier’s directory. On this section you can search suppliers by bean variety, state and by name. You can also see all the available information of each listed company.

3rd Tutorial

Watch our tutorial on how to request a quote

On this video we will tell you how to request a quote from the app. It a very simple process that only require you to fill out a small form.

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